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  My name is Mike and I am an adoptee. Now 65 years old I was raised as an only child and although I knew I was adopted, I did not know much about my birth parents until I was 62.  It was quite the journey emotionally and overall very rewarding.  Telling people who had know me 40 years or more that I had a new OLDER BROTHER was guaranteed to get some double takes and quizical glances.  Then I found I was now technically the middle child of 5 and an ARMY BRAT.  

Mike 2018   I will periodically write more about the journey and show more of how and what happened with the help I found online and Ancestry.com's DNA test which also played a part. While the bulk of my story unfolded several years back it keeps surprising me as time goes by.  I just today got a box in the mail with some pictures of my birth father and birth mother along with some of his family that took my mother in while she was pregnant.  Even now over 4 years after I got started looking, I have recently met a young mother who is a cousin of mine, and her aunt who just sent me the pics and some wonderful history of my fathers family - I really appreciate that Carol. Thank you so very much.  To hold an original picture in my hand from 1952 and see my mom and my dad together - and know that I was there "in the oven" so to speak.. One of the pictures even has my dad's mother in the group - and up until now I had thought she was not with them in 1952 - having separated from her husband prior to that.  Knowing this odd 3 generations picture is real and I can touch it is pretty special.  Meeting my older brother and giving him a bunch of hugs was so remarkable too..  I had not touched any other blood relative since birth.  We still keep in touch and seldom go more than a week without a phone call.  He is very happy to have a little brother.  

lots of questions   Lastly for this first comment, let me say to you if you are out there, thinking about finding parents or children and are holding back, afraid you will find bad things, do not let that stop you - even if you get doors shut in your face, or find that your parents are both gone already as I did - you will have the peace of mind knowing what happened and not wondering about it.  And if you are lucky you will find some family and begin a interesting journey getting to know them. Not knowing and walking around with the question still un-answered is no fun.  Go for it!